Tactical EcoMedia

Tactical EcoMedia

We deliver the greenest Out of Home Media available in the most eco-friendly of ways. More so than ever before, it is important to ensure we can deliver successful OOH media campaigns, whilst respecting the planet.
From the planning stage to posting Tactical EcoMedia ensures the process is a green one.


100% green media from production to posting. Our Tactical EcoMats are made from wood pulp which is a clean, wood-based, renewable and biodegradable raw material produced from slow growing FSC certified pines and spruces of Northern Europe. It can be used to produce paper and board and making them truly sustainable bioproducts.
*FSC certified confirms all wood based products are renewable and from responsibly managed forests.
Delivery of our Tactical EcoMats will always be via electric/hybrid vans. Van to multiple bar deliveries within a city centre are done on foot using hand carts.


Our cups are made from Bioboard, with compostable PLA lining. All of ours cups are SGS treated and approved.
*SGS certified means that all cups fully comply with stringent testing to show and prove compostability.
Similar to our EcoMats, printing is done using vegetable inks, reducing emissions and simplifying the  recycling process.
All our cups are made up of renewable sources such as thax, soft flower and soy. Packaging is in 100% recyclable cartons.


Our corrugated board boxes are made from virgin and recycled paper.
Corrugated board is a clean, renewable material and is used to produce 100% recyclable Tactical Ecoboxes, making them truly sustainable bioproducts.
Printing is done using full colour vegetable inks instead of cheaper petroleum ink options.
Using vegetable based inks helps produce lower emissions during the drying process whilst simultaneously simplifying the recycling process.


All of our Tactical EcoStencils are cut from 100% recyclable 3mm plywood.
All of our stencilling is done using high pressure water spray. Nothing is applied to the surface, water takes the grime away.
At the end of each campaign all orf our stencils are recycled at a local council recycling centre.


Our Tactical EcoMurals provide our clients with a fresh, well-positioned, effective media platform.
All of our EcoMurals are painted with vegan water based paint.
Our Tactical artists are Glasgow based and will often travel to our sites by bicycle or using public transport, helping to reduce emissions.
Additionally, for our larger murals, we ensure that no hydraulic lifts are used. Instead, we use scaffolding, ensuring our campaigns are as green as possible.
From production to posting, here at Tactical EcoMedia, we make the extra step to ensure our murals are eco-friendly.

EcoLogical Delivery

All of our Tactical EcoMedia campaigns are delivered via electric vehicles.
Additionally, as a green driven company Tactical EcoMedia will partner with Trees for Life (treesforlife.org) who are committed to helping rewild the Scottish Highlands.
Where Tactical EcoMedia are unable to use electric vehicles any carbon emissions will be offset via donations to Trees for Life.
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