Environmental Impact

Coffee Cups

Our cup suppliers support the Green earth Appeal which is a great way of offsetting the carbon footprint from manufacturing a paper product.They are also a worldwide partner of the United Nations Environment Programme, the Green Earth Appeal. The amount of 99p per 1000 printed cups is donated to Green Earth Appeal which:

Plants a single tree to replace the paper used in the manufacturing of the printed cups.

Offsets the carbon footprint for the manufacturing and production of the printed cups.

Authorises the use of the Green Earth Appeal branding on the paper cups, which demonstrates corporate environmental responsibility.

Sends clients a confirmation certificate showing how many trees have planted to offset carbon footprint .

Helps support some of the poorest women and children and helps reduce the need for aid and hand outs in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Provides some of the world’s poorest communities with a sustainable source of food for themselves and their livestock.

Help stop desertification. Planting a tree on deforested land and root systems draw water to the surface and regenerate the soil .

Educates farmers and their communities about agroforestry, which is how to use their farmland efficiently to ensure sustainable maximum yields year after year.

Visit greenearthappeal for more information.

Beer Mats

The woodpulp board used in the production of our beer mats is from managed sustainable forests.

The wood used is off cuts and not suitable for manufacture of furniture products. Used mats are compostable.

The printing inks used are vegetable based and waste from manufacture is recycled.