About Tactical Media

Give me any product and I’ll give you a choice of different environments to sell it in. And sell it we will – Ken Sinclair, Tactical Media.

How can you resist a challenge like that? The thing is, Ken’s telling it straight. For 22 years he’s been enhancing ideas for products, services and brands large and small, and for direct clients and media planners public and private alike, right across the UK.

From artisan pubs to mainstream malls, you have more than likely more than once been surprised, entertained, informed and influenced by the work of Tactical Media.

What makes Tactical Media different from other marketing companies? The fast answer is, there’s a can-do attitude plus a deep understanding of the market and how to exploit it to best effect. But there’s more to Tactical Marketing than that.

“It’s not only what you’ve got: it’s also where you use it.”

From a depth of knowledge in Outdoor media and experience in working with various types of media platforms including Guerrilla Advertising Tactical Media know how to maximise your brands potential. At Tactical Media we use proven methods that are second to none, it’s possible to create innovative impact that adds value to sales messages, your brand and your identity.

Ken can help you clarify where your customers go, when they go there, what they do when they get there, and more. He’ll work with you to devise a bespoke, accurate and highly finessed solution that engages your intended market.

Experience the difference

Expect your initial brief to be interrogated until it reveals all its potential for success – often in ways and places you may never have considered. Nothing is left to chance – decisions are based on local knowledge, gained from the ground up (often literally). If experience has taught Ken anything, it’s to do the leg work, every time. So the client doesn’t have to.

Next time you are scheduling your media, be more inventive, more specific, more … tactical.

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