Case Study: You’re Asking For It

Case Study: You’re Asking For It
December 19, 2017 Caitlin Linskey


Client: Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership, Police Scotland and North Lanarkshire Community Safety Partnership 

Media Buyer: Story



The Background


With rising levels of anti-social behaviour, crime and violence in the community of North Lanarkshire, police recognised a correlation between these rising statistics and underage drinking in the area.

Police discovered 32 cases of adults buying alcohol for underage children leading to two arrests. In order to crack down on proxy purchasing, Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership, Police Scotland and North Lanarkshire Community Safety Partnership came together to launch the ‘You’re Asking For It’ campaign.

The campaign, launched in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, aimed to reduce underage drinking through under 18s approaching adults for to ‘jump in’, described by Inspector Alistair Anderson as the practice of minors approaching adults and asking them to buy alcohol for them.

Tactical Media was tasked with creating an outdoor media campaign which captivated the target audience and delivered a reduction in the number of cases of underage drinking and proxy purchasing.


The Objectives


  • To deliver an eye-catching media campaign, which educates with the target audience
  • To deliver a decrease in underage drinking and proxy purchasing in the campaign area through effective media placement



The Solution


The most important aspect of this campaign was ensuring media was placed in proximity to known areas where proxy purchasing was occurring. Through our national database of venues, Tactical Media was able to identify shops where adults were purchasing alcohol for underage children. In order to tackle the issue, media had to be fitted in locations that would influence both under 18s asking adults to buy alcohol and the adults buying the alcohol.

The campaign artwork highlighted the repercussions facing those caught proxy purchasing, which can either be a fine or imprisonment. Bringing this to the attention of the target audience on footfall routes to shops was vital.

In order to influence the target audience in proximity, Tactical Media recognised Tactical Street Stencils and Tactical Street Vinyls as the most effective media to resonate with the target audience.

Tactical Street Stencils can be applied by jet washing, chalk or paint and leave a clear and engaging advert in an unexpected location, making it a great way to capture the attention of a target audience. Given the target audience of under 18s, who are likely to congregate in footfall routes near corner shops and off licenses, Tactical Street Stencils were the ideal media to engage this audience.


Tactical Street Stencils educated the target audience on the implications of being caught proxy purchasing


Tactical Street Stencils engaged the under 18s audience effectively


Tactical Street Vinyls provide an innovative and attractive street media, with a large creative space. For this campaign, Tactical Street Stencils were placed on footfall routes in conjunction with Tactical Street Stencils, ensuring a well-rounded campaign.

Eye-catching Tactical Floor Vinyls were placed along footfall routes


Tactical Floor Vinyls could be seen in busy shopping areas, where proxy purchasing was known to occur

The Results


The campaign performed exceptionally well, with Police Scotland reporting the number of youths drinking in public was reduced by 55% as a result of the campaign.

Tactical Street Stencils and Tactical Street Vinyls were able to influence the target audience of under 18s and those buying alcohol for them through effective media placement.

The media campaign proved to be a success and gained coverage on social media and in the press, giving the campaign further traction. The campaign appeared as the headline story on BBC News Glasgow & West, with an article claiming the campaign had successfully cracked down on ‘jump ins’.

The success of the campaign was reported by BBC News


Police Scotland reported the success of the campaign across their social media channels and found a huge reduction in proxy purchasing during their weekend patrol. Police Scotland also created a video detailing the campaign, which featured Tactical Street Stencils being fitted. This was circulated on social media, which gave the campaign further reach.

Motherwell Police found the campaign to be working on their patrol


Inspector Alistair Anderson was instrumental in the planning and execution of this campaign. Speaking of Tactical Media’s contribution to the campaign he said:

Tactical Media was a key partner in the ‘You’re Asking for It’ campaign targeting alcohol proxy purchase and underage drinking across North Lanarkshire. Ken and his team went above and beyond and nothing was a problem.

Courteous, knowledgeable and professional with a real focus in ensuring that what they delivered met the needs of the partnership.

                                          Inspector Alistair Anderson

The campaign was able to reduce under 18s drinking in public and proxy purchasing through intercepting both with media which made them think twice about ‘asking for it’.