Case Study: Tactical Media Gets A9 Drivers Thinking

Case Study: Tactical Media Gets A9 Drivers Thinking
October 25, 2017 Caitlin Linskey


Client: Transport Scotland

Media Buyer: Republic of Media

Outdoor Specialist: Talon Manchester



The Background

The longest road in Scotland, The A9, boasts stunning scenery throughout its 273 mile stretch. Unfortunately however,  the  road dubbed ‘Scotland’s Route 66’ has long held the infamous title of the most dangerous road in Scotland.

Transport Scotland identified drivers phone usage as one of the key factors in the high numbers of serious road traffic accidents. Drivers who use their phone whilst driving were found to be four times more likely to cause an accident on the road.

Research conducted prior to the campaign found a staggering 89% had witnessed drivers talking on the phone whilst driving and 68% have noticed drivers texting on their phone whilst driving. In recent years, the popularity of social media has led to 30% of drivers reportedly witnessing drivers on social media whilst drivers. Further to this a shocking 1 in 5 have seen drivers taking selfies whilst driving.

In a bid to reduce the accident statistics, Transport Scotland introduced a Tactical campaign, which aimed to educate drivers and highlight the implications of phone usage when driving.

Tactical Media was tasked with delivering a variety of our media platforms to bring the message to the attention of drivers in a creative way.


The Objectives


  • Deliver a Tactical campaign with robust coverage from Dunblane to Inverness
  • Educate drivers on the dangers of phone usage when driving through effective media placement.


The Solution


Tactical Media recommended four of our targeted media platforms to reach drivers on the A9 from Dunblane to Inverness. These platforms ensured the campaign was delivered to motorists at various touchpoints throughout their days, allowing the campaign message to be reenforced.

Lifting venues from our national Tactical network, Tactical Media was able to deliver the campaign to the targeted stretch of the A9 from Dunblane to Inverness. Our guerrilla style of media allowed us to capture the attention of drivers and drive home the campaign message.

From our range of media platforms, Tactical Media recognised Tactical Street Stencils, Tactical Coffee Cups, Tactical Media Mats and Tactical Eyecatchers as the most effective platforms to bring the campaign to drivers of the A9.

Tactical Street Stencils were placed in lay-bys between the Dunblane to Inverness stretch of the A9. TSS were seen by drivers at a crucial point-when they were on the A9. When drivers had pulled over on one of the many lay-bys on the stretch, they were able to see the campaign message and drive accordingly on their onward journey.

Tactical Street Stencils could be seen in lay-bys on the A9


Tactical Coffee Cups were placed throughout cafes, coffee shops and lay-by takeaways and gave the campaign another touchpoint with drivers. Our double-skinned coffee cups offer campaigns a unique creative space, with an average dwell time of 21 minutes which gives considerable time for the campaign message to be digested by the target audience. With many drivers consuming their coffee in their vehicle, the Tactical Coffee Cups were able to influence drivers on the road.

Tactical Coffee Cups gave the campaign another touchpoint with the target audience


Tactical Media Mats added another dimension to the campaign. Placed in bars and pubs in proximity to the A9, TMM’s brought the campaign message to drivers at another point of their day, in a social setting.

Tactical Media Mats could be found in pubs along the A9 route


Tactical Eyecatchers ensured further coverage along the A9 and were placed strategically along lay-bys and in local towns and villages in proximity to the A9.

Tactical Eyecatchers were placed strategically along the A9


The combination of these four media platforms allowed for a robust campaign, targeting drivers of the A9 effectively and highlighting the dangers of using a phone when behind the wheel.


The Results


Tactical Media platforms captured the attention of the drivers of the A9 through widespread coverage in the targeted area.

Tactical Street Stencils in particular got drivers thinking. The stencils, placed on A9 lay-bys from Dunblane to Inverness, captured the attention of drivers, with some wondering if a vigilante had taken the decision to apply socially responsible graffiti along the road. The concerned motorists were assured the graffiti was in fact part of a government backed road safety campaign.

A photoshoot and interview with Transport Minister Humza Yousaf was organised, in which he posed in front of one of the Tactical Street Stencils.

Humza Yousaf, Transport Minister, speaks to press about the campaign


“Any activity which takes a driver’s concentration away from the driving task is potentially dangerous and we encourage everyone to acknowledge driving as a skill which requires concentration and judgement. I urge all drivers to avoid using mobile phones when behind the wheel.”

                                       Humza Yousaf, Transport Minister 

The combination of four Tactical Media platforms gave the campaign targeted coverage in the campaign area. The media platforms brought the campaign to the motorists of the A9 at different touchpoints of their days.

Whilst the campaign period has ended, the message of the campaign remains as strong and relevant as ever.