Case Study: Tactical Media Delivers 85% Increase In Calls To Crimestoppers

Case Study: Tactical Media Delivers 85% Increase In Calls To Crimestoppers
October 18, 2017 Caitlin Linskey


Client: Crimestoppers

Media Buyer: Carat Edinburgh

Outdoor Specialist: Posterscope Manchester



The Background


With crime statistics rising on the Isle of Sheppey, Crimestoppers identified an opportunity to deliver a Tactical campaign with an aim of driving down crime on the island.

Backed by Swale Council and Kent Police, Crimestoppers first ever campaign in the Isle of Sheppey was delivered by Tactical Media.

The multi-lingual campaign was delivered in English, Polish, Lithuanian, Romanian and Russian, making it accessible to residents throughout Sheppey and equipping them with the information needed to contact Crimestoppers.

Tactical Media was tasked with connecting the campaign message to the audience through a strategic and results driven media campaign.


The Objectives


  • Identify a Tactical Network of outlets where the target audience are found
  • Educate residents and empower them to contact Crimestoppers freephone number with information
  • Deliver an increase in calls to Crimestoppers freephone from Isle of Sheppey residents


The Solution


Tactical Media was able to identify a network of outlets from our UK wide database in the Isle of Sheppey, where the target audience were prevalent. The targeted outlets included cafes, coffee shops, clubs, pubs and shops. Due to the multilingual aspect of the campaign, Tactical Media identified venues frequented by English, Polish, Lithuanian, Romanian and Russian speakers. The Crimestoppers freephone number was visible on all Tactical Media platforms used.

Tactical Media recognised Tactical Coffee Cups, Tactical Media Mats and Tactical Community Posters as the most effective media platforms to resonate with the target audience and deliver results.

Tapping into our network of venues, Tactical Media platforms brought the multi-lingual campaign to the attention of the target audience at various touchpoints of their day, ensuring a robust media campaign.

Tactical Coffee Cups brought the campaign message into the hands of the audience as they visited cafes and coffee shops for their morning tea or coffee. Double skinned TCC’s offer campaigns creative space delivered to the hands of the target audience. With an average dwell time of 21 minutes, Tactical Coffee Cups give campaigns ample opportunity to influence the target audience.

Tactical Coffee Cups were distributed to a network of coffee shops


The Campaign was delivered in five languages


Tactical Community Posters ,placed in shop windows and community spaces, gave the campaign further reach and another opportunity to connect with the target audience as they . Double-sided TCP’s allowed the multilingual campaign to deliver all five languages of the campaign, ensuring an inclusivity.

Double sided Tactical Community Posters were fitted in shops and community spaces


Tactical Media Mats delivered the campaign message to the attention of the audience in the local clubs and pubs as they enjoyed a drink in the evening. Another unique creative space, double-sided TMM’s brought the campaign to the audience at another touchpoint of their day in a social environment.

Tactical Media Mats were placed in pubs and clubs


Through these media platforms, Tactical Media ensured the target audience was equipped with the information needed to contact Crimestoppers through a thorough media campaign.

The Results


Tactically Delivered Media led to an 85% increase in calls to the freephone number and six arrests, a fantastic result for both Crimestoppers and residents of the Isle of Sheppey.

Speaking about the success of the campaign, Crimestoppers South East Regional Manager Julia Hughes said:

“It is clear that islanders are actively working to keep crime out of the Isle of Sheppey. The information from Sheppey accounted for 9% of the total information received for the whole of Kent.”

Crimestoppers published their own case study on the success of the campaign, which demonstrates the effectiveness of Tactical Media in delivering the campaign to the target audience and most importantly, delivering a significant increase in calls to Crimestoppers.


Swale Borough Council supported the campaign on Twitter


Tactical Media was proud to play a significant role in delivering this increase in calls to Crimestoppers from Isle of Sheppey residents, which lead to six arrests, through our media platforms.

Tactical Media brings campaigns to your target audience through our Tactical Network and targeted media platforms.