In the Spotlight: Tactical Coffee Cups

In the Spotlight: Tactical Coffee Cups
January 22, 2018 Caitlin Linskey

First up in our ‘In the Spotlight’ series is our Tactical Coffee Cups. Here, we’ll have a look at what makes our Tactical Coffee Cups such an interesting and effective media platform.

Tactical Coffee Cups for Transport Scotland’s A9 road safety campaign

  • A unique advertising platform, our 12oz, double skinned Tactical Coffee Cups offer a large creative space to display your brand with a premium look and feel.
  • A lengthy dwell time is one of the key advantages of advertising on Tactical Coffee Cups. An average dwell time of 21 minutes gives your campaign message ample time in front of your target audience.
  • Your advertisement is raised to eye level an average of 20 times by the consumer as they enjoy their hot beverage, creating a positive association.
  • This sets Tactical Coffee Cups apart from various other outdoor media platforms, as many other platforms are witnessed in passing by consumers, whilst our coffee cups give your advert the time it deserves with your target audience.

Tactical Coffee Cups delivered results for Glasgow Live campaign


  • Tactical Media will distribute your coffee cups to venues from our national Tactical Network, which includes cafes and coffee shops.
  • Priding ourselves on our targeted approach, we ensure your brand is delivered to the hand of your target audience. We distribute our Tactical Coffee Cups to outlets the audience are known to frequent.
  • With over twenty years experience in identifying and delivering specific audiences we are able to drill our network of sites down by demographic.
  • It’s where we put our coffee cups that turns them into a media platform.


Tactical Coffee Cups have often been used by CityLink Buses to promote their services


  • Tactical Coffee Cups reach a variety of audiences through our network of outlets, such as the City Professionals, Students, Comfortable Seniors, Suburban Mums, Tradesmen and many others.
  • We pride ourselves on our local knowledge on a national level, and through our network we will ensure your campaign is delivered to your target audience through identifying venues where your audience can be found.


Integrate your campaign with digital by including a QR code or link to your website


  • We’ve conducted extensive market research to understand the audiences who come into contact with our Tactical Coffee Cups.
  • Tactical Coffee Cups are the perfect media platform to reach the lucrative City Professionals audience.
  • From our research we’ve discovered 81% of this audience purchase a takeaway hot drink two or more times per week.
  • Further to this, 87% will go on to take their coffee cup into a busy office, giving your campaign further reach with your target audience.
  • The City Professionals audience are 60% male; 40% female, with 100% in full time employment in industries such as finance, engineering, law, marketing and HR.
  • 22% earn between £25-£35k; 32% earn between £35-£45k; 17% earn between £45k-£55k and 10% earn £55k and over.
  • Advertising through our media platforms will allow you to deliver your brand to the hand of this audience.
  • Tactical Media can supply Audience Packages for several different types of audience. Please contact if you would like to find out more.


Tactical Coffee Cups give a premium look and feel, as seen here as part of Stagecoach’s Little & Often campaign